2024 WHL Wallace Memorial Event - Sunday May 19, 2024

The Wallace-Dickey Cemetery Preservation Association NFP is presenting the 9th annual weekend of events honoring the life and death of General WHL Wallace. This year’s event is located at the Reddick Mansion in Ottawa, Illinois. Wallace was one of Illinois’ greatest Civil War heroes. Visitors can meet famous figures of the past and learn of the relationship WHL Wallace had with Abraham Lincoln.

Fundraising efforts are being made through this event and donations for restoration and repairs to the Cemetery. Donations may be made to the Wallace-Dickey Cemetery Preservation Association NFP; P.O. Box 392; Ottawa, Illinois 61350

Family Entrance Fees

The definition of family for this Event shall be limited to parents and children under the age of eighteen (18) and shall be for no more than a total of five (5) attendees.

Liability Waver

All individuals at the age of eighteen (18) or older shall be required to sign a liability waver, prior to entering the event grounds at each location.

2024 Sunday

Schedule of Events

10:00 am – Ottawa Historical and Scouting Heritage Museum

WHL Wallace Display Table and period museum displays

Guided bus tours past Wallace’s home “The Oaks”

Guided bus tours to the Wallace Dickey Cemetery where the General is Buried

Civil War Period Museum Displays

4:00 pm – Event Concludes